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Once in a week or maybe once in a month, you might head out to McDonald’s, KFC, or maybe Subway. All these retail food chains have primarily one thing in common, which is they are exceedingly careful about the service they are providing. The food chains resort to various measures in an effort to learn how they can improve and better their customer service. One of the primary methods utilized for this is online surveys meant to take feedback from the customers.

In this post, we are going to talk about McDVoice Survey, which is an online survey conducted by McDonald’s primarily to collect essential feedback from their customers so that they can know where exactly they lack, what the customer requires, and how they can improve or better their customer service.

If you are wondering, how big retail food chains like McDonald’s think about the new features, offers, and services they launch time to time, now you know the answer. The survey aids and assists the food chain to acquire feedback from their customers and based on that feedback, the management decides about the new features, offers, and menu items they are going to introduce in the future across all the outlets currently servicing in the world.

McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey – (

You can share your experience of eating out at an outlet of McDonald’s on the McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey. It could be any reason. If you didn’t receive quality services from the staff, a member of staff was rude to you, or you happen to love the service that you got; you can share your feedback on Overall, it will require you to just shell out five minutes to complete the entire survey. So, the next time you have a bad experience at any outlet of McDonald’s, you can immediately head over to and leave feedback of the same.

The management of McDonald’s is very serious about the bad feedback received from its customers. They might reach out to you and immediately take care of your grievance/complaint. Moreover, the coolest thing about filling the survey is that you might end up receiving compensation in the form of a validation code or a future discount. Now, who here doesn’t love a significant amount of discount on their favorite burger at McDonald’s?

 McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey (OBJECTIVES)

As already said above, McDonald conducts the McDVoice Online Survey. Launched by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California, in the year 1940, McDonald’s is an exceedingly popular fast food restaurant chain with outlets all over the world.

The McDVoice customer survey allows the fast food giant to:

  • Receive feedback from customers regarding food quality, prices, cleanliness, staff’s attitude, and the service provided at any McDonald’s restaurant.
  • Improved assessment of the employees.
  • Think of new ideas to improve the customer satisfaction level.
  • Find the best resolutions to the grievances/complaints/problems faced by the customers.

McDVoice Online Customer Satisfaction Survey (ELIGIBILITY)

Please note that you are eligible to participate in the McDVoice Online Customer Satisfaction Survey only if you fulfill the following requirements.

  Take Survey Now (OR)    Provide Feedback

  • First and foremost, you must possess a McDonalds Purchase Receipt (Bill) with a 26-digit survey code printed on the same.
  • A high-speed internet connection is a must.
  • Since the survey is in English and Spanish language, knowledge of one of these languages is a must.
  • You must be 15 years or older to participate in the survey.
  • You must be a resident of USA or Canada to participate in the survey.
  • Please note that you can provide feedback within 30 days of your last visit to the McDonalds restaurant.
  • You can participate only one time per valid receipt/survey code.

If you fulfill the above requirements, you can go ahead, participate in the McDonald’s online customer satisfaction survey at, and share your honest feedback with the management of the fast food giant.

What if you do not have the 26-digit survey code printed on the purchase receipt?

If you do not have the 26-digit survey code printed on the purchase receipt, please click on the ‘Do not have 26 digits survey code’ tab or link which will take you to a new page.

On this page, you require filling in other details from the purchase receipt like the store, KS, date and time you visited the restaurant, and others. After entering the details, the system will verify the same and present you with the feedback form.

What is ( Online Survey? is a simple website designed by the team of McDonald’s survey with receipt enabling the customers to provide their valuable feedback to the fast food giant. The site will take your feedback and send the same to the customer service team of McDonald’s who will take necessary actions on the same. After you are over with your feedback, you can avail a discount coupon like Buy One Get One instantly.

How To Enter/Participate in the online survey?

Following are the steps that you require following to enter/participate in the online customer satisfaction survey.

  Take Survey Now (OR)    Provide Feedback

  • As a first, you require launching the web browser and navigating to
  • Once the survey website opens up, please enter the 26-digit survey code present on your purchase receipt.

McDVoice survey

  • After entering the survey code, please press the ‘START’ button to initiate the survey process. If you do not have the survey code, please click on theDo not have 26 digits survey codetab, or link, fill in the necessary details and take up the survey.

McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Make sure you answer the questions honestly. Checkmark the right options presented to you in the survey. We request you to answer all the questions present in the online survey. McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • After the completion of the survey, you will receive a message stating ‘Thank you for completing this survey’ on the screen. You will even receive an email confirmation for the same.

McDVOICE Verification Code in Final Step

  • Coming to the coolest part, you will also receive a coupon code after completing the survey. Make sure you note down the code carefully and utilize the same, the next time you visit the outlet.
  • The website will also ask whether you wish to participate in the Sweepstakes survey or not. Your participation in the same will make you eligible to win $100 gift cards from McDonald’s.
  • However, if you are not interested to participate in the same, there is no compulsion. You can simply end the survey and utilize the BOGO coupons and other discount offers received at the end of the survey.

 McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey (RULESREGULATIONS)

Yes! As mentioned in the eligibility criteria above, the McDVoice survey with receipt does carry some rules.

  • You must be of 18 years or above for participating in the survey.
  • Receipts that have a survey code are eligible for the survey. Alternatively, you can also enter without the survey code.
  • One entry per valid purchase receipt with a survey code exists.
  • Please use the purchase receipt within 30 days of your last visit to the McDonalds restaurant.
  • You can participate in up to 5 surveys in a month.
  • You must claim your reward up to 7 days after completing the online survey.

Contact Details ( Online Survey)

Customer Support Mailing Address

Headquarters Mailing Address:

McDonald’s Corporation

2111 McDonald’s Dr

Oak Brook, IL 60523

United States

This was all regarding McDVoice Online Customer Feedback/Satisfaction Survey. If you have any more questions/queries to ask about the survey, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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